We have been dealing with all the mushroom varieties like oyster, button, white and milky mushrooms.We teach you mushroom growing, mushroom cultivation trainings and that too with the latest technological trends is what our company has been doing lately for every different variety of mushrooms.

Our company is one of the most trusted names in mushrooms India and provides one and all solutions of mushrooms cultivation in any respective regions like chennai, bangalore, mumbai, delhi and Kolkata. We are also a training center for those who always wished to learn how to grow mushrooms at home. We, as a company not only equips one with complete programs like button mushroom cultivation training, oyster mushroom cultivation training, Milky mushroom cultivation training, etc. but also provides mushroom spawns for sale. We, boasts upon our mushroom farms from where one can buy mushrooms and mushroom pores of the best quality.


We are also selling a detailed Oyster Mushroom Farming Manual . The document is a good source of information and covers everything about Oyster Mushroom Farming including: -

  • Mushroom varieties common in your City
  • Capital investment &Returns
  • Requirements for starting Mushroom growing
  • Mushroom house
  • Sources of planting material( spawns)
  • Preparation and sterilization of Growing media
  • Production planning
  • Production unit hygiene
  • Pests and their Control
  • Diseases and their control
  • Yields of Oyster mushrooms
  • Post harvest Handling
  • Value addition
  • Mushroom Cookery
  • Mushroom toxicology
  • Records keeping and accounts

We normally email the manual to you after payment through Online. Oyster Mushroom growing is very rewarding as an income generating project.the only farm enterprise which requires no land.You only require a room whether in urban or rural setting. It requires very little space and the returns are good within the harvesting period of 2 months. The enterprise is farmer friendly. Order your Copy Now.

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